• TPN Fans is another doomed project, like TPLFans or CanadaLand Watch. That’s not even the full list of previous fan pages I have run. They all had a tendency to fail ignominiously. I am giving it another shot irregardlessly.
  • I am the only fan of the Perfume Nationalist whom its founder and host Jack cannot control. One of only three podcasts to change young men’s lives, there’s nothing like it. But Jack is a 6′4″ mass of neuroses, and simply cannot brook criticism even from a position of His Majesty’s Loyal Opposition, a vantage point no American can comprehend.
  • I run the only viable list of TPN episodes.
  • A podcast, obviously also entitled TPN Fans, will be launched in due course. This production will feature three episodes a year, and will put Jack to shame when it comes to podcast technical features.

Who am I?

Joe Clark, a writer in Toronto. I’ve been listening to podcasts for a decade and a half.